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Our Club features an American themed model railroad layout that fills a 15.25 x 9.15 metres industrial unit.

Constructed on three double sided peninsulas, with a branch line on five 1.82 x 0.61 metres sections that can be detached for display at exhibitions, it is designed to operate in a point to point fashion or as either an out and back or continuous run style.

The layout is comprised of;


• 150 metres of double track mainline with a minimum 900-mm radius.

• More than 140 points with slow motion Tortoise switch machines controlling those on the mainline.

• A seven track staging yard that can take consists of more than thirty cars.

• Five dedicated switching areas which can be configured to run in a point to point fashion within the layout itself.

• A locomotive terminal featuring diesel facilities, a turntable capable of handling the largest locomotives, a large roundhouse and a detailed fuelling and sanding facility.

• A three track stub end passenger terminal that can hold up to ten full length passenger coaches.

• Several long passing sidings allowing “priority” trains to overtake long trains.

• A three level helix for continuous running.

• Upper and lower return loops for out and back operation.

• A river port for switching on a branch line, and

• A rural area with a small locomotive facility and industries for switching.

Of course, in common with all layouts, it will NEVER be finished!!

So - come and join us and be a part of the evolution.


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