Club Layout Videos
General Overview
Passenger train servicing at Union Station
Rod's channel depicting scenes on Club Layout
Snapshot of 1st day after lockdown!

CP hauling grain through Miller's Junction.

Engine and train: Andrew L

Video: Vic U

Consolidation with a heavy freight from Fort Hays through Silver Mountain

Engine and train: Jim C

Video: Jim C


C&O Texan making light work of a heavy freight

Engine and Train: Bert O

Video: Jim C


A typical Wednesday at USMRCWA

Trains: Various

Video: Jim C


Amazing 844!

Train: Ron S and Paul M combined behind Ron S 844

Video: Ron S

Engineer Rod C's Inspection Tour

Train: Rod C

Video Rod C


Switching Coal

Train: Jim C

Engineer: Jim C

Video: Jim C


Paul M's SP traverses our layout

Train: Paul M

Engineer: Paul M

Video: Rod C

1997 Layout
Eastbound "Back In The Day"
Westbound "Back In The Day"


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